Thursday, 5 February 2009

Once again we have been shafted!

With everything that is going on in our country concerning the greed of top brass (like the overspending banks being bailed out by the taxpayer - only to find the bosses then give themselves massive bonuses and go on junkets worldwide) the news comes as no surprise that the Police force is now getting in on the act.

Just a few weeks ago, we learnt that our local Police force (Sussex Police) are sitting on a huge slush fund somewhere in the region of £10 million. These slush funds are supposedly there just in case they need them or something unexpected (I suppose something like a disaster or some such) which is all well and good - except that Sussex's fund is more than double the Government's guidelines and the biggest in the country!

Then it was announced that they were asking for a grant for a few hundred grand to supply their poor telephone operators with massages as they worked to keep them de-stressed, awww bless.

On top of those stories was the news that the Chief Constable of Sussex Police is asking for the Police's share of the Council Tax to be increased by more than the rate of inflation - as they need more money.

You think that's the lot? Uh-uh.

Today it was announced that 10 of the top brass had taken upon themselves to book into a luxurious 5 star hotel and conference complex to hold their annual 'plan of action' meeting for the year ahead - and were putting in massive expenses claims!

The greedy so-and-so's decided to have the event at the Grand Hotel at a charge of £2,500 - despite having their own conference facilities only 19 miles away which they paid £900,000 having done up!

The C.C. also put in claims for meals that cost up to £73 a time and between April and September he put in claims totalling £409.25 for just 9 meals!!!

But what can we expect? Look at our Government, they're no better. In fact, for us commoners, there ain't a lot of hope. If you're super rich - come to Britain! You'll get your cocked sucked by MPs and big business, be able to blow all your dough on anything you like and then get it all back via the British Taxpayer. Cheers!

"It's on the British!"

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