Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Here goes, with more prose!

Well, I went to the Brighton Poetry Society gig last night (29 June) and had a lot of fun. There were some great poets on stage and I was slightly nervous...2 pints later (thanks Tom!) and I was ready to go - just in time for the halftime interval! A band went on after that then the mic was opened up again so I seized the chance and did 3 of my poems. They seemed to go down pretty well and I got a good round of applause - so now I've got the poetry bug and can't wait for next month's do! Anyways, here's 2 new poems that I performed last night...

This first one is based on my experiences being a DJ over the years...


I'm not a fucking jukebox
Sorry, no requests allowed
There's always one comes up to you
When you rock a crowd

You don't like the track I'm playing
Telling me what I need to do
Out of 200 people here
The only one is you

"What would fit
Right in - right now
Would be some Fatboy Slim"
I'm playing funk and soul and rock
I ain't fucking playing him!

"Call yourself a DJ?"
Yes I do - I have for years
I love my music, always have
From when I first had ears

But you've been dancing all night long
So why start being a pain?
Go wait for the next track
Don't fucking speak to me again!

The next one is based on me being from Whitehawk - a council estate in Brighton - where we speak all common like! Dropping H's etc. Not exactly the Queens Hactual Henglish don't you know?!

(In this poem, where the words are spelled out i.e. C.H.O.C.L.U.T. you say each letter, ok!)


Phonetically speaking is what I do
So let me do some phonetics for you
Chocolate, now that should really be
Pronounced C.H.O.C.L.U.T.

For amazing, drop the A from the beginning
And it's F.I.N.G.
When you spell out 'thing' and
Fell free to use F.R. double E for the number
and E.R. becomes an A on that last word - like when you're spelling 'Rumba'

B.A.R dash B dash Q at B.N.Q
Lets break that down
Means barbecue at B & Q
With dropped A and D cos you make the 'un' sound

But with some words spelling them right
Takes less effort than putting sound into sight

Like P.O.E.T.R and Y
Is said P.O.E.R.T.R. double E
And not poe - try

So here's my last example
If you needed more proof
After I'm done here, I'm going home to my bed
Under my own R.U.T.H. - roof!

All (c) G. Phillips

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Words and pictures...

Seeing that Spring has finally sprung and all the little creatures are having their babbies everywhere, I thought that - just like the little baby chicks - I'd let loose my fledgling poetry career!

I've been writing these over the last 2 months or so and I felt it's time to put them out there, so to speak. Hopefuly you'll like them...

When they heard of the craft
Everybody laughed disbelieving
But the glow in the sky could be seen by the eye
In the evening
There were gasses and smoke
And it suddenly spoke

Don't come any closer
Or you will be toast Sir
Leave us alone and let us roam

There was clanking and a clanging
And a hell of a banging all hours
And some arcs that sent sparks splashing down and around
Just Like showers
With a whoosh up it rose
Just as plain as your nose - again

Watch where we tread
Move or you're dead
Tell the boys and the girls we're here for your world

There was battle - killing cattle
People screaming and running for shelter
Just a sneeze - if you please
Brought the aliens their helter skelter
To the young and the old
The silence was gold
We held up our heads
And we were bold and said

To you up in the stars
This life it is ours
Think it's easy to take
You've made a mistake


Dark are the nights
Darker than daytime could ever be bright
Long gone the sweetdreams
Replaced by thoughts that just are not right

When did you leave?
When did you go without telling me?

You are so crazy
You are so foolish to think I would hide
You man cannot keep me
Keep all my glory buried inside
I let you leave
I let you go without meaning to me

Good are your nights
Glad that you've reached where you had set your sight
I'm on to tomorrow
Sticks and stones no more breaking my bones

Good luck goodbye
One day you will die and you'll think about me
So long - you sigh
Your maker will judge you then where will you be?

I won't be around
I'll be with somebody who's setting me free.


See him walking aimlessly
Don't know where he's going
He lived his life quite blamelessy
But he is not knowing
Striding gait to shuffle feet
Everybody passes
He relates to nobody
Rejecting all the classes

He's walking free but still feels trapped
Inside his mind and body
With dirty shirt and feet that hurt
His boots are rather shoddy
What does he do? What does he think?
How does he fill his day?
Down on the seafront, up and down
Under blue sky - or grey

At night a cinefilm will run
Flickering to life
A girl - a lover?
No. Not his Mother?
He's got it now - his wife!
She's smiling, waving, blushing, laughing
Bashful for the camera
He feels that time envelope him
It is so good to have her
But all too quickly she has gone
Taken in the prime
And once again he gets caught up
In history and time

So see him walking aimlessly
Don't know where he's going
He lost his Love quite blamelessy
But he is not knowing
Striding gait to shuffle feet
He's lost society's ways
And only walks to get to sleep
Which is when the old film plays


I was sitting in the coffee shop by myself
With a magazine that I had picked off the shelf
When a lady walked in and so I thought I
Go up and offer to pay for her order

I'll have a frappacino
And a skinny cappucino
An americano grande
And a small chai latte
All to take away please
And some fresh pastries
Thank you very much you're awfully kind!!!

Well I didn't quite know just what to think
But I paid the bill when she gave me a wink
And before the last croissant got put on a plate
She'd given me her number and arranged a date

So I turned up at the bar with time to spare
She was in a red dress and had done her hair
I put my hand on her's ever so discreetly
Did she want a drink? and she answered sweetly

I'll have a pint of beer
What have you got?
With a chaser of some whisky
And a Tuaca shot
Then that stangely named tipple
Called Slippery Nipple
Sorry Luv, my wallet I can't find!
And I got up and left that girl behind!!!

It's a carnival of cannibals
All of them eating each other
"Look at her, what's she wearing?
Too much lipgloss, Have you seen her lover?"

"Hello darling! How are you?
Lovely to see you." Mwah Mwah Mwah!
"What you working on? Love it! Love it!
Oh that's hilarious" Ha Ha Ha!

"You like that painting? It's so urban
I paid 6 grand for the bloke to paint my curtain
That latest pop fad? It's sooo ironic
And I once owned Rapper's Delight and Dr. Dre's Chronic"

"Cos Darling! I'm down with the streets
I make weird hand signals when I hear Hip Hop beats
I love the music and all it's layers
I even called my P.R. company The Playaz"

"Have you met Richard? He does Feng Shui
Everybody! Everybody! Richards gay!
Do something Dicky - say something camp
I've told them all you'll do it - you dirty little tramp!"

Oh yes my darling, in actual fact
I'll only treat you as a cabaret act
We don't really like you - my friends and me
Next week we'll be onto our new minority!

All (c) 2009 G. Phillips