Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What A Joke!

As a new feature - once the 'rant' takes me, the text will go bold!
The greediness just keeps on going!

What with all the banks spending our money, asking for the government to give them more of our money to keep them in business, then borrowing more of our money to pay off the debts they incurred while spending our money, then asking for even more of our money to pay themselves bonuses for all the 'hard' work they did in losing our money and then negotiating to get their hands on more of our money - you kinda get the picture!

Then you hear about MP Jacqui Smith who is claiming expenses of £160,000 per year for her 'second home' - the place where she lives to be closer to her work in London. This second home happens to be her Sister's place and according to eyewitnesses (the neighbours) she's hardly ever fucking there! She, of course, denies any wrongdoing and it's all above board and totally legal under the Government rules. So that's the end of that. You would think that it couldn't get any worse wouldn't you? Think again.

A pensioner in my hometown decided to follow all the Government guidelines on energy saving. She had her property insulated and replaced all her lightbulbs with energy saving ones. Margaret Pracy (above) followed all the steps and suggestions and has got her pre-pay meter spending down to around £5 a week - not only saving the planet but also money in these lean times for the general public. So did she get a pat on the back? A certificate from the local council congratulating her on her energy saving diligence? No. She gets a 'fine' from British Gas (her energy supplier) of 54p a week for not using enough energy!!!

This is outrageous. It also says "Don't worry about what the government say, or saving the planet - cos if you do try, we'll charge you for your troubles!" Thing is, when we moved into our flat, the tenants before us were on key meters for both gas and electric. We'd never had them before and we were surprised with just how much money you had to put into these things to stop the supply running out. What's laughable is the fact that key meters are usually targeted at households that are living on or beneath the breadline (you use them just like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone) but when the workman came to replace ours with normal meters, he told us that the price of the gas/electric is actually 25% more than 'normal supplies' - so how exactly does that work out then???

But once more, the big industry gets away with it. We received a gas bill for £279 a fortnight ago. Now, I know I eat a bit but I certainly don't use that much gas to cook with. Yes, we do have the heating on but we have to otherwise Mum would freeze - especially in her current state of health - and the Government advises older people to not freeze to death, turn the heating on if you are cold! Well how the fuck do you think they would be able to afford that? If they did, they'd get a huge bill sent to them, they wouldn't be able to pay it, the computer would automatically send out a reminder, then a red letter, then activate proceedings to retrieve that money, after cutting off the supply of course, then activate legal proceedings, then send round the bailiffs, who with their new powers don't need to knock on the door and can actually break into the property and if the poor old dear is still alive after all the stress on top of the pnuemonia he/she can watch them take away all their valuables and possesions to the value of the exorbitant bill!!!

Don't mater though, this country don't want to know if you're over 60 and/or earning under £60,000, so a cull of them oiks outside that bracket would do Britain the world of good.

When asked on the BBC News what would happen to pensioners and people on the poverty line when British Gas hiked its prices up higher than inflation last year, the British Gas spokesman said they would look into ways they could possibly help they obviously meant help themselves to more money. The spokesman (I suppose I should say spokesperson in these PC times, even though he was a man and he spoke on behalf of the company!!!) also said they were letting people know how to insulate their homes and save not only money but energy and the planet too - you know, the exact same things Margaret Pracy is getting penalized for doing! -

What's also a joke is the fact that British Gas put their prices up with immediate effect but how long do you think it would take to get people into your home to help you make all these money, energy and life saving improvements? After ringing up, going through the loop-de-loop automated phone system, getting the wrong department, loop-de-looping again, getting it all sorted only for no-one to turn up for 3 weeks, ringing back, loop-de-looping again, getting someone different who says "Can't seem to see any note here on the screen about it, you sure you rang the right dapartment, it was someone at this office? I'll put the request in again but it'll take another 2 weeks" getting 3 different contractors round to price up the job, the local authority deciding on who is the cheapest, a wait for the local authority to have a meeting to agree on issuing a grant to pay for the work, a phone call to say when the company is coming, the workmen turning up but the necessary equipment and supplies not being delivered on the right day, the workmen having to go to another job leaving your's half done, then the weekend when they don't work, then back to it the following week, finally finishing it, all in time for either your court case for non payment of an overpriced fuel bill you're looking at, at least, 3 months - or your funeral cos you've died from either hypothermia or all the fucking stress!!!

And to think some people still have the cheek to call this country 'Great' Britain!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Once again we have been shafted!

With everything that is going on in our country concerning the greed of top brass (like the overspending banks being bailed out by the taxpayer - only to find the bosses then give themselves massive bonuses and go on junkets worldwide) the news comes as no surprise that the Police force is now getting in on the act.

Just a few weeks ago, we learnt that our local Police force (Sussex Police) are sitting on a huge slush fund somewhere in the region of £10 million. These slush funds are supposedly there just in case they need them or something unexpected (I suppose something like a disaster or some such) which is all well and good - except that Sussex's fund is more than double the Government's guidelines and the biggest in the country!

Then it was announced that they were asking for a grant for a few hundred grand to supply their poor telephone operators with massages as they worked to keep them de-stressed, awww bless.

On top of those stories was the news that the Chief Constable of Sussex Police is asking for the Police's share of the Council Tax to be increased by more than the rate of inflation - as they need more money.

You think that's the lot? Uh-uh.

Today it was announced that 10 of the top brass had taken upon themselves to book into a luxurious 5 star hotel and conference complex to hold their annual 'plan of action' meeting for the year ahead - and were putting in massive expenses claims!

The greedy so-and-so's decided to have the event at the Grand Hotel at a charge of £2,500 - despite having their own conference facilities only 19 miles away which they paid £900,000 having done up!

The C.C. also put in claims for meals that cost up to £73 a time and between April and September he put in claims totalling £409.25 for just 9 meals!!!

But what can we expect? Look at our Government, they're no better. In fact, for us commoners, there ain't a lot of hope. If you're super rich - come to Britain! You'll get your cocked sucked by MPs and big business, be able to blow all your dough on anything you like and then get it all back via the British Taxpayer. Cheers!

"It's on the British!"

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Blogger v Blaggers

Look at these two pictures. They're pretty battered shoes ain't they?

They look like this when new...

But some wanker brought them back to our shop today and asked for a new pair of shoes as he said they were faulty and shouldn't have gone like that in such a short space of time.

He had the receipt and when he gave it to us we saw that he'd had them 3 months. Yeah, 3 months of wearing them in all weathers, to every house/commune party, club, pub and illegal rave on the beach. Up the organic allotment with Tarquin 'Moonmonkey' Barclay-Dentalplaque, over the Southdowns countryside walk with the dogs, out around town putting up posters for your mate's Psy-trance night, to the farm farm for the cider festival, blackberry picking, fishing and generally anything else that Hugh Fernly-Wittingshall does on his River Cottage cookery programmes, to Lewes bonfire celebrations, Christmas Day booze-up and Boxing Day Morris Dancing specatacle and generally any other get together your rustic/pagan, right-on upper middle class, vegan, hippy, snobby anarchist set deem to go to to get wasted at and take the piss out of the people who genuinely do enjoy these things and try and ruin their day to amuse you and your chums!!!

I mean, what type of person keeps their receipt for 3 months? A blagger, that's who.

Now We've all blagged a bit in our time. Embellishing on a CV to get a job, tryng to get in to a club for free or even backsatge at a gig. But these twats think it's their right to be able to take something back that they've worn the shit out of - and get a free pair! In fact, I have had one person bring back a really old pair of Adidas with a receipt that he'd bought a new pair with a few weeks before and try and say they were the one and the same! Good job the receipt lists the items - but do they really think we're that thick? We love trainers and we know our stock inside out. Everyone of us has worked in 'the industry' for years but oh no, we're just dumb shop assistants - they won't know the difference. STOP WASTING OUR FUCKING TIME!!! In the end we took them and are gonna send them away for an 'inspection'. (We've done this before and they've come back as 'wear and tear' NO REFUND!)

He wasn't pleased with that outcome, he wanted a brand new pair of shoes there and then - which if we had given them to him, no doubt would have returned in a few months again - tough shit mate!

I just wish I could say that to them without losing my job!