Monday, 3 August 2009

Hello again poetry lovers! Here's another selection of words that I have put together - hopefully - for your enjoyment! " of them I performed at July's Brighton Poetry Society gathering, which was good fun as usual. Next gig is 31st August 2009, Sanctuary Cafe, Brighton.

This first poem is about, well, the title says it all. My Mum recently passed away and I felt like I wanted to put my feelings down on paper. I didn't want to write a really dark brooding poem though as my Mum took the whole thing on the chin and put up a bloody good fight. I also hate the term 'lost her/his battle with cancer' cos it sounds like the person has just given up and I feel it kind of weakens their image somewhat when they have been anything but weak.


I want to leave it here
And not bring it home
What does it want with you
What does it want with us?
Why does it do it?
I kinda feel non-plussed

I want to punch it, fight it
Hit it, stomp it - really fuck it up
You take it better than me
I guess that's way more tough

And I love you, really love
And this fucking thing inside
Is like an evil bastard phoetus
Who chose you in which to hide

There, now I'm swearing at this thing
Swearing my soul to hell
Well if I go there then I hope
To meet that fucking thing as well

But you calm me down
Yes, even now
Keeping me on track
I'm with you now and we'll have that always
It can't take that back

Hands held, smiles swapped, hair brushed, eyes met
These things can't be undone
So do them now, don't think ahead
That way we will have won.

At the last poetry meeting there were a lot of female poets - which is great - and they were doing a lot of love hurts/men are bastards kinda thing, so I thought I'd balance things up a bit, albeit tongue in cheek. Can't wait to perform this one next month he!he!


Oh I've heard you girls talk of P.M.T.
So let a man now have his turn
Cos I know you suffer once a month
But everyday we have razorburn!

We have to scrape scrape at our face
To get the clkean cut look
That grace all the pages
In that Elle or Grazia book

It seems to be quite de rigueur
For a guy if he wants to start dating
But pull that % blade sensor over your skin
And the pain's excrutiating

One blade lifts, the second one cuts
The other 3 slit your throat
Leaving you with a rash - just above your collar
Like some blood red castle moat

I suffered with it all my adult life
The only way it disappeared
Was not through posh cosmetics
But because I grew a beard

So girls just settle down would you
And think before you all start raving
What bleedin' pain in the neck it would be
If, like a bloke, you had to start daily shaving!

Break Your Heart Baby is one of the songs that I have co-written with Corky Burger for our Santa Clara Group ( ) for my performance of it I added an extra verse and took out the choruses. The whole idea of the song was writing lyrics with references to other songs and artists - see how many you can spot.


Dolly had a dagger
And old Mack he had a knife
He ran around with Suzy
'Til she bacame his wife
Tommy had a broken heart cos she ran away
Looking out his window almost every single day

I wish I had a penny for the hearts that Debbie smashed
I'd take them to the bank
As a stack of Johnny Cash
The girly she had legs that she knew how to use
And I was sharply dressed
So she couldn't refuse

We spent our life together
Living there in old Boomtown
She always made me happy
And didn't bring me down
Some say that they would like to die
Before they fade to grey
But I'm alive and kicking
And it's such a lovely day!

All (c) G.Phillips

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